"I LOVE this group - they play it right - they go deep - it's awesome - and they catch the authentic groove... amazing group!" -Francis

". . . solid, professional, entertaining, and perfect for the times. It was fun singing along on all the tunes I grew up on . . ." -David

"I just wanna say you guys provided two solid hours of absolute happiness last night. I’m sure everyone present would agree, because we were all smiling, dancing in our seats and singing along. So thank you all so much for a truly joyful evening that nurtured me all the way home." -Linda

 "Drove down to California to hear this amazing band—-The Bluebyrds. They were fabulous. . . " -Ginny

"I very much enjoy the high vitality, youthful enthusiasm and joyful spirit of the Bluebyrds. I so enjoyed their presence at the summer Peacetown concert and I deeply appreciate their musical, playful hearts as they perform so many wonderful songs from the origins of the folkrock music movement the '60's. Listening to them and watching them onstage makes you feel forever young!" -Loriel

"The BlueByrds music definitely "speaks" to us, it takes us back to our youth. Seen them several times and the beat of they're tunes get us dancing everytime. We like them so much we're hoping they make a CD! One of our favorite local bands for sure!" -John & Sue

"I really enjoyed the gig last night and your song choices . . ." -Scott